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SmarterMail REST Wrapper
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Author: Joe Danziger (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: November 28, 2007 9:21 AM
Version: 1.3
Views: 32,882
Downloads: 1,063
License: Apache License, Version 2


A CFC for working with SmarterMail web services - used by HostMySite.com and some other hosting providers. Allows management of aliases, domain aliases, and user accounts. Meant to be integrated into existing applications.

The CFC has the following methods:
* init(ServiceURL, AuthUserName, AuthPassword, DomainName) - initialize CFC (all parameters required). ServiceURL is URL of the REST Web Service (without the '/Services/...')
* getAliases() - list all aliases.
* getAlias(AliasName) - get forwarding addresses for a specific alias.
* addAlias(AliasName, Addresses) - add a new alias with one or more forwarding addresses.
* updateAlias(AliasName, Addresses) - updates alias with new forwarding addresses.
* deleteAlias(AliasName) - removes an alias.
* getUsers() - list all user accounts.
* addUser(NewUsername, NewPassword, FirstName, LastName, maxMailboxSize, IsDomainAdmin) - add a new user account. maxMailboxSize is optional and defaults to 25 megabytes. IsDomainAdmin is also optional and defaults to false.
* deleteUser(Username) - deletes a user account.
* getDomainAliases() - list all domain aliases.
* addDomainAlias(NewDomain) - adds a domain alias.
* deleteDomainAlias(Domain) - deletes a domain alias.

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